Review: Finding Home by Becca Taylor

Finding Home – what a sweet read!

I'm not a huge fan of the lovey dovey, don't get me wrong, I like romance and I love the idea of love but too much mushy really grates me. I find it unbelievable if you will, but then I guess that's the whole book world in general really, to make the unimaginable, imaginable.
Anyway I was really expecting a mush read to be fair (Finding Home brought to mind all these lovey dovey images for some reason) and in reality I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case. I mean yes it was sweet in some places and you have the affection but it wasn't over-the-top.

I'd definitely read more by this author and I think there are more books in this particular series.

The only real criticism that I have is that for me personally, I'd have liked to have seen a little more tension and angst. To me, Caleb was more beta than alpha but that's not a bad thing. I just would have liked a little more…oomph from him.

Overall though definitely worth a read for fans of contemporary romance.




(Craving Crimson, Bk 2)

Kate Bonham

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cover Design: Desiree DeOrto

Release: Late October 2017


Everything I've ever known has been a lie.
After it all, I only want peace from it all.
Peace from the world of Alchemists, Nosferatu and Fae.
I am done.

Or I thought I was until she came knocking on my door.

Now, I'm thrust back into the world I had hoped to escape to seek out my redemption…



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Kate grew up in Western Sydney, Australia, hoping to one day have a pet dragon and castle to roam around in. Then the Khaleesi stole her life and she was forced to reinvent herself.

It was around the age of 15 when she really thought she could make it as a writer, and after course after course on different writing styles, she finally gulped down her fear and pursued independent publishing.

When she's not writing, she's spending time with her boyfriend and their zoo of pets that include snakes, spiders, scorpion, lizards, gecko, an axolotl and birds.

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Review: Resisting Redemption by Amabel Daniels

Oh I cannot believe how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. When I first started reading it, I wasn't sure I was going to like it but after the first chapter, I was hooked.

The author gave the characters such wit and intelligence, it was hard not to laugh out loud. It's one of those rare 'unputdownable' books.

I loved Roxie's character. As a single parent she's had it tough but she's got this independent quality that you couldn't help but admire. Grant's character was one of those you love from the outset. The story tries to depict him as this harsh, always into his work, unfeeling man, but right off the bat you know there's something deeper going on. I mean it's hard to believe a person would portray someone into being something they're not without reason and if you read the book you'll realise why.

I can't get over the camaraderie and the ease in which the characters gel. The whole book reads like a drama, a suspenseful crime drama, a bit like Ally McBeal actually but with less courtrooms. (Anyone remember Ally McBeal?) Well it was like that, only better. Resisting Redemption is like a spoof of a crime drama BUT intellectual, you could tell the author had spent her time researching and coming up with these plot twists. The character who was being accused of murder hires Grant as his lawyer and its Grant's – and now Roxie's – job to find the real killer. There were twists and turns throughout and it really left me guessing until the very end. There's going to be one smart alec of a person that goes 'oh I knew who the killer was from the beginning.' And I'm going to be like 'HOW DUDE? HOW? (hate those people) My point being that I DIDN'T catch on to the killer and I really liked that I didn't because at the end I was like Noooooooo!! Shut the front door!! Haha!

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough. Actually I will just say that, for fans on contemporary romance, for fans of 'whodunnits' and fans of really great written books, I urge you to pick up this one. You will NOT be disappointed. I will most definitely look out for this author in future.

Review: A Siblings Dilemma by Molly Lovell

My thanks go to the author for the ARC of this book.

Not sure what I was really expecting with this book. It was a little like sweet and sour for me. I mean I really enjoyed the storyline, there's two romances going on really and I thought I knew what was going to happen at the beginning but it didn't happen the way I thought it was going to. That was good. I enjoy little twists like that.

Most of the characters I enjoyed except (and here comes the sour element) Edric. I really hated his character. He was unfeeling, he had no morals, he expected people to say how high when he said jump. He treated people like planks and that really wound me up. I get that he's this alpha whose attitude changes and it does but I just didn't gel with him.

I enjoyed the authors wit throughout the book, she really had me laughing at some of the dialogue and situations. I love when a book can have me laughing out loud. It's rare and when it happens it really surprises me.

Overall I really enjoyed it and i shall definitely look out for more reads by this author.

Review: Forbidden Bonds by Lexi C. Foss

You know those series that you start and you think 'the sequel ain't gonna live up to this one?' Well this one really did. After falling in love with Issac and Stas, I was pretty sure they were my go to couple. Not anymore. (Although Issac – still yum!)

I honestly was not expecting to like Tom all that much, in the first book he gave off an almost bratty quality, like he thought he was god gift and everyone should listen to him and his judgement. He had this jealousy about him which back then didn't make sense but now after reading Forbidden Bonds, all makes sense to me.
Throughout his life he's been putting on a persona, a cloak so that people don't see the real him. He's troubled, and any self respecting female goes weak in the knees for that kind of trouble.

Amelia had this unbeatable quality, she's one hell of a resilient character and one hell of a woman which you'll see why when you read the book. She's endearing and you can't help falling in love with her too.

The whole world that Lexi has created has me excited and you can't help but read and be immersed. The complexity of the characters, the way she builds the tension. She has it all and you can't help but want more. I truly cannot wait for the next one. I'll be waiting with bated breath until then.

Review: Sharing Max by Holly Webb

Sharing MaxSharing Max by Holly C. Webb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My thanks go to the author for the ARC of this book.

I’ve read previous books by this author and enjoyed those, so I was pretty sure I’d enjoy this.
Sharing Max is a lovely written, sweet contemporary romance. The underlying message being love. And whilst reading it you can feel that the author has put a lot of love into it.

Sharing Max sees Ella and Nate meet whilst on a night out. There’s instant attraction between them and one thing leads to another and they end up at Nates apartment. Only, in the morning Ella gets more than a little surprise revelation and hightails it out of there. Its only a short while later she realises that you can’t run from your problems and is left with a permanent reminder of her and Nates one night together. Her son Max.

But just as she starts to come to terms with being a mother, life hits her another curve ball when Max is diagnosed with Autism. Ella knows that life as a single mother is going to be hard but vows to give Max the upbringing he deserves. However when Ella buys a property for her and Max, she never could have envisaged that it would bring about ghosts from her past in the form of Nate. Life is about to get a whole load harder.

Once I had started this book, I was very hard pressed to put it down. It’s sweet, its romantic, it’s very moving.

The characters were great. Ella was a typical mother trying to protect her son from harm and so I really sympathised with her. Nate was cute, I would have liked him a little more alpha, however i think his character suited this story well. The background characters really rounded it off nicely.

I really enjoyed it. I look forward to more by this author.

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Judas 2: The Relic by Roy Bright

Judas: The Relic (The Iscariot Warrior Series, #2)Judas: The Relic by Roy Bright

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you’ve read my review for Judas, you’ll know how much I fell in love with it. That story was so plausible that, for me, it was one that genuinely had me thinking ‘what if this was the real reason Judas betrayed Jesus.’ Naturally I know that Judas is fiction, but it really got me thinking and its a testament to an author that can do that.

When I knew that Judas 2 had been written and published, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Sadly life got in the bloody way. There were reviews to be written and it took me a couple of months to actually read it and then it took me even longer to write the review, but finally, finally I got there and alls i can tell you is that it was so worth the wait.


A child brought to womanhood within an alternative reality in order to become a devastating weapon.
A demon sword of immense power that must be controlled by an angelic warrior to have any hope of winning an impending war.
Together, they face the biggest challenge to mankind’s existence, within a universe soaked in the blood of battle, where epic tales of the struggle between good and evil play out at a breath-taking pace.

Prepare to open the gates of Hell.

I love how the author plots his characters. He takes the bad elements and the good elements and mixes them so that one minute you love the character and the next you have this hatred for them. All at the same time. You can’t help but sit there and think ‘how does this man think like this, how does he create this world, a world that is not only believable but that you actually step into the world he created.’

It’s written in the first person present, the same as Judas, now I usually hate this style of writing, I don’t know why only that it grates on me, however, here in this series, i think its the only style that would have worked because to create the illusion that you’ve stepped into Judas’ world and that you can fight right alongside the characters it needs to be written as if its happening right there and then.

I truly cannot wait for the third book.

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