My Gift To You by Tracie Delaney

What an emotional book. The following meme describes exactly how I felt after reading My Gift To You.

I swooned. I fell head over heels in love with it. It pulled at my heartstrings and made me believe. Believe in love and hope.

This story isn’t an easy book. It tears your walls, it brings out all the emotions you didn’t think you possessed (well me in particular) and puts you through the ringer and connects you to the story. It’s relatable because it’s believable and that’s what hurts and heals whilst reading.

Both the main characters haven’t had the best pasts. They have experienced loss and pain, but after finding each other they begin to find love and companionship and hope.

But all is not the happy that one could hope for and both characters have to learn to lean on and support each other through all the trials that may befall them. It’s really compelling to read. It’s one of those reads that you experience a rollercoaster of emotions in every chapter. From beginning to end I was up and down.

The chemistry between Gabe and Livvy is electric but sweet. They’re hot but that believable hot and watching their relationship unfold is beautiful.

Honestly one of the most heartwarming and emotional reads I’ve read this year. Absolutely brilliant.


Review: Consequence by Rachel Higginson

What a fantastic finale.

After reading and falling I love with Constant, I was super excited and keen to get my grubby little mitts on Consequence. Constant was a mafia story of which I’d never read before. I mean I’d read mafia books but I wasn’t keen on them. There have been 2 books in the history of mafia books that have convinced me of this genre and storyline and that is a mafia book that was written by an italian author and the other one is this very series.

Rachel has created an underbelly world so realistic and depraved that you feel like you’re sucked in. The flashbacks throughout the book (which normally I hate) show the life that the main characters Sayer and Caro go through when they’re a part of the Bratva. (the Russian mafia)

It’s evil, it’s depraved, it’s corruption. But at the heart you have a few people who are willing to put it all on the line to get out and live a life full of safety and love. That’s what Rachel has created. It’s compelling to read.

I find myself in a quandary now because I desperately want to relive the freshness of these characters. I want to do an automatic reread because that’s how intense you are drawn in. It was all action, tension and chemistry and although I wanted to know what happened, I’m sad that it wasn’t longer so that I could stay with these characters just a little while longer.

I would definitely recommend this series. It’s highly addictive. Highly emotional and very much worth it.

Cover Reveal: Blood Heart by Lexi C. Foss

Blood Heart

by Lexi C. Foss
Immortal Curse Series #3
Publication Date: April 24, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance

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Asset File 4-7: Elizabeth Watkins
Genotype: Non-Human

That’s the only information Jayson Masters has about his newest assignment. To learn more, he’ll need to infiltrate her life in the most intimate of ways without getting too close.

Game on.

Lizzie’s new neighbor is loud, seductive, and ridiculously attractive. And he keeps flirting with her. With the recent death of a close friend hanging over her head, Lizzie tentatively agrees to a new friendship in hopes of ignoring her broken heart.

A web of lies isn’t sustainable forever.

And sometimes love isn’t enough.

An immortal war is brewing, and she’s the key…

About the Author

Lexi C. Foss is a writer lost in the IT world. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their furry children. When not writing, she’s busy crossing items off her travel bucket list. Many of the places she’s visited can be seen in her writing, including the mythical world of Hydria which is based on Hydra in the Greek islands. She’s quirky, consumes way too much coffee, and loves to swim.

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Cover Reveal: The Fighting Series Box Set by Nikki Ash

Title: The Fighting Series Box Set
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: March 10, 2018
Cover Designer: Teal Minx Designs 
Fighting For a Second Chance –

I am an eighteen year old high school graduate who has just experienced my first… well, everything. I would give anything to hold on to Cooper but we made a decision. After thirty hours of falling in lust, after tonight we are parting ways. I am starting college and I can’t be distracted. Besides he has his own life to get back to. 
The moment I saw her I knew she was the one but what my heart wants it doesn’t get. I know how life works. I have been fighting most of my life. My dad was a fighter and so was his dad. I watched my mom cheat on him and in return he destroyed her. I will never do that to a woman. I get thirty hours with Liz and then we are both walking away. At the end of the day, all we will have is the memories we have created here in Miami.
Five years later Liz runs into Cooper only he has no idea that memories weren’t the only thing they created in Miami. He broke her heart once the day he left and her heart is now guarded. Will he succeed in winning her heart back a second time? The only thing he knows for sure is that he is fighting for a second chance and this time he will not let her go.
Fighting With Fate –
Growing up, my parents were the embodiment of love. The perfect example of soul mates. And with that ideal I couldn’t wait to find my true love.
What I didn’t realize was that just because you love someone doesn’t mean they are capable of loving you back.
The day I met her my entire world shifted on its axis and I knew she was the one. The problem was, how do you convince someone they are your soulmate when they don’t even believe in love? There was a time I believed that love truly conquered all, but now I’m losing Faith.
My mom once said, “Love isn’t concrete. It’s an emotion and emotions are abstract. They change. You don’t make decisions based on something abstract because if you do, you are setting yourself up for failure.”
I didn’t understand her words at the time. I was young and in love and if you had asked me to define what I was feeling it would have consisted of words such as affection, warmth, happiness, butterflies, happily ever after.
Now after experiencing heartbreak firsthand my definition of love is a bit different. It consists of words like messy, heartbreak, waste of time, unrealistic, fake.
Until I met him. He reminded me of all the words love felt like before my heart was broken. He wanted to show me the beauty in the abstract but all I could see was the concrete.
Fighting For Your Touch –
As a teenager I learned firsthand how untrustworthy and cruel a woman could be. She destroyed me from the inside out and took everything from me. The first chance I got, I ran, and have been running from my past ever since.
Until I met Hayley.
She’s a complete game changer.
She’s everything I never thought a woman could be.
She’s honest and sincere and completely selfless,
And by some miracle she’s fighting for me.
I’m learning if I want to keep her, I’m going to need to find the courage to fight for us instead of finding the strength to run.
Fighting For Your Love –
I fell in love once and it was amazing. Until it wasn’t. I swore to protect her. Until I didn’t. I swore to love her forever. Until forever came too soon.
After I lost her, I swore I would never fall in love again. Until I met Ashley.
I depended on a man once. Until he walked out. I gave him my everything. Until he left me and our son with nothing. From then on I knew the only person I could depend on was myself. Until I met Kaden.
I’m not sure when or how it happened, but Kaden has embedded himself into my life, stealing my heart. Sounds like a good thing, right?
Wrong! Because while Kaden has my heart locked and secure, his heart was given to a woman who can’t give it back.
Now I am fighting for his love, hoping he can leave his past behind him and find a future with me.
Nikki Ash resides in South Florida where she is an English teacher and mom by day and a writer by night. When she’s not writing, you can find her with a book in her hand. From the Boxcar Children to Wuthering Heights to the latest Single Parent Romance, she has lived and breathed every type of book. 
Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out. – Pam Allyn
While reading and writing are her passions, her two children are her entire world. You can probably find them at a Disney park before you would find them at home on the weekends!

New Release: Daemonium by Katie H. Weill

New Release: Daemonium by Katie H. Weill

Daemonium – Veneficus: The End

Published: 2/22/18
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Cover Artist: Dark City Designs
Publisher: Satin & Stone Publications

Lucas Cale turns
18 in a few weeks—as long as he can make it through detention, groundings and
the undeniable feeling he is being watched. His parents are unreasonably
demanding, his sister is wild, and his temper isn’t winning him any friends as
he is dropped into the government-mandated class, “The History of Witches.”
They are real,
he’s been told. They are powerful, and evil—yet Lucas doesn’t care. There has
never been a witch sighting on record in their one-horse town.
But that was
another life, flooding back like a nightmare as he is driven into his past, and
bound to a future spiraling out of control.
When history is
no longer left behind, he’ll be forced to choose between the man he was and the
demon he has become—or face the howling darkness awaiting his return.
Drawn back into a
world of hidden covens and regulated magic, he may learn that the difference
between love and loss is the devil you know.









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EXCERPT:Claudia was aware she was sleeping as she watched her shortened brown hair, slightly kinky and sucked of healthy color, float around her face in the lack of gravity, but it didn’t stop her teeth from chattering.
Which way was up? She questioned, as she forced her limbs to move, joints crackling, popping as a thin layer of ice shed from her skin, floating away in the black that surrounded her. Which way was down? She tried to swim her arms at her sides, to maneuver her body so she could look around and was met with nothing but the void.
Shadows danced, one blacker than the next, their darkness bounding the chasm in which she was trapped, extending in every direction as far as she could see. There was no noise, not even the sound of her heartbeat now in the deafening silence, but she felt the howling hollowness, felt the isolation begin to stir panic inside her.
And her necklace? The source of her power, the midnight tourmaline that had been her comfort, her confidence, had abandoned her.
“Hello?” Claudia spoke, and no sound left her mouth. Her arms ached as she brought her palms in against her ears, pressing them in and releasing so she could feel a slight suction. More ice crackled from her skin, but she couldn’t hear it.
“Hello!” This time she felt her vocal cords strain as she screamed the word, the air leaving her lungs in an explosion of her growing dread.
And there was nothing but silence.


H. Weill is the descendant of a witch – descendant of Ann Pudeator, a wealthy
woman in her seventies who did nothing but care for others, and one of the last
women accused and executed in Salem, Massachusetts. Katie was inspired by the
hard fought findings of her Aunt to create a story that started with a sprinkle
of history and unraveled a tale from there. With her husband and her rescued
dog at her side she is enthralled by the idea of creating new stories and
worlds and looks forward to sharing them with the world. Ann Pudeator was
exonerated in 1957 by the Massachusetts General Court of all charges.
Connect with Katie and stay up to date
on all the latest news, events and releases:

Born to Run by Laura Rossi

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27459531_702902288888_3421368818050794340_nBORN TO RUN – A Counterpoints Novella

by Laura Rossi


Available February 20, 2018

The bad boy of First Category Racing is back!

“Breaking the rules was my speciality. Some people like to be part of something, I wanted to be different from the rest. Always.”

What happens when you are asked to give up what you love? When you are forced to end your career?

Born to Run is about Noah Laurent, a secondary character in the Counterpoints series -a top race driver who is asked to leave his team at the end of the series.

Noah is cold blooded, brutally honest and just doesn’t care about anything and anyone. He’s made his way up the ladder all by himself. He’s well known for his outbursts with the press and in the boxes. But he’s also an ace, a top driver.

And just when he thinks he’s done fighting, he meets someone that will get him back on track…. literally.
Reading the Counterpoints series is not necessary but would help understand better the character.

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Til Death Us Do Part by Zane Michaelson

So, we’re at the finale of the I Know What You’re Doing series and what a journey it’s been. I have to say that I think this part of the series is Zane’s best yet, if a little too over the top at times.

There are aspects of the book that may cause triggers for some people but it is dealt with tastefully. However I felt the main character somewhat overcame a traumatic event rather quickly, BUT, I realise that situations are dealt with independently in every walk of life so do not hold that against the author. Personally for me though it was brushed over too quickly.

For a debut author though with three books of the same story is very well written. The descriptions of some of the scenes are easy to depict and the characters are easily connected to in this book. Although I enjoyed the previous books, it wasn’t until Til Death Us Do Part that I actually connected with the characters. They were more human for me personally and I could see and feel the heartache, the grief and the relief.

Despite some of the flaws that I’ve depicted, for me it’s still a five star read. For a debut author, who based the story on aspects of his life is endearing. It was great to share the experience through his words. I’d highly recommend it.