MOORE TO LOVE by Faith Andrews


First of all in this review, I wanna say how much I love the cover, it’s so pretty and sweet. It drew me in from the get go. Then of course I read the blurb and I knew, I just knew I was going to love this book. It’s totally up my alley.

Ok, so if you haven’t read the blurb, (and I definitely think you should) I’ll give you the watered down version. Madeleine ‘Leni’ Moore is a plus sized woman going through what most women go through at least once in their lives by struggling to lose weight and having self esteem issues. She longs to meet ‘Mr Right For Her’ who will take her as she is even if she doesn’t realise who she is. Cue running into a tree and literally falling at Lane Sheffields feet.

What commences next is the struggles of loving yourself whilst falling in love with each other.

Leni’s weight issues and struggles with losing weight is something I can relate to. I’ve struggled to lose weight all my life and  I think that’s why I loved this book so much. I could totally picture myself in Leni’s shoes, minus the hotty, of course.

Leni, even though she believes she is this monster is funny, sweet, witty, feisty and just loveable. I instantly fell in love with her. And Lane? Well we can all appreciate a hotty. He was also sweet, a little aloof but instantly likeable. Not a typical ‘alpha male’ but I still found myself falling in love with him. The background characters were brilliant and really made the story whole.

This book reminded me not to judge a book by its cover, (even though I’m totally guilty of doing that with real books) it also reminded me that everyone has struggles and issues that interrupt their daily lives and one persons struggles are not more important than the other.

It made me laugh out loud, made me cry, made me want to shout and lastly made me fall in love. I loved it.

Happy Reading 🙂





I love books. Books soothe me. Books are my escape from the day-to-day mundane. I'm very rarely without a book and my tbr pile is ever growing. I'm a single mother of twin boys and I live in Lincolnshire.

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