The Second First Time by Elisa Lorello

4 stars ****

I was recommended this book by my book club group on Facebook. It’s not a novel that usually attracts my attention, however this one did. I usually prefer my books with more action, angst, tension and drama. This was by far, tame in comparison, however I’m pleasantly surprised to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So the story goes that novelists Jonathon ‘Jon’ Moss and Sage Merriweather were supposed to take a ‘love’ road trip a year ago in the hopes of officially kindling a relationship as lovers/best friends. They already had the best friend thing down pat. They’ve only met once as friends due to Jon being married, however the marriage didn’t last and Jon got divorced. 

Still reeling from that divorce, Jon decided he wasn’t ready to take the trip and thus crashing any hopes of a relationship with Sage. 

Fast forward a year to the present day and Sage is still wondering what went wrong and missing her best friend. Then to make matters worse, she gets a phone call to say that her estranged father has died and that his memorial is on New Years Day. On a whim she rings the only person she believes will listen as only a best friend can and calls Jon. Thus setting in motion the road trip they were supposed to take a year ago. 

Along the way, they reminisce and workout what they believe went wrong, Sage thinking it was her and Jon not being ready. It was mainly a journey for Sage to believe the actions of others, mainly her absent father throughout her adolescent and adult life, were not reflected on her, that it wasn’t her fault her father and later, Jon, left. That each person is accountable. Finding a way to come back to Jon and Sage’s love whilst trying to move on from her fathers rejection and realising they aren’t one and the same.

I found this book a remarkable story of two people not so much finding love as rediscovering and remembering love. Of salvaging something they both believe was once lost. 

It wasn’t all reflection and what ifs though, there were some genuinely funny moments together that they shared and I found myself laughing out loud. It was feel good.

My criticisms? The detailing of scenery or feelings were just a little too much for my personal preference. I like it to be precise and to the point. However it didn’t really detract from the story and was more a preference that I have and not a reflection on the authors writing. 

Overall though I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable read. 



I love books. Books soothe me. Books are my escape from the day-to-day mundane. I'm very rarely without a book and my tbr pile is ever growing. I'm a single mother of twin boys and I live in Lincolnshire.

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