The Dark Light of Day by TM Frazier

*Please note both The Dark Light of Day and Dark Needs are included in this review and does contain some spoilers*

O.k, I know I messed up protocol by not starting these two books first, however they can be read as standalones and weren’t really too involved in Kings story to really detract from either books. 

So starting with The Dark Light of Day, the gist of it, if you haven’t read the blurb is, seventeen year old Abby has always known abuse and bad luck starting at an early age. Her mother and father were wastes of space using and abusing her until she suffered so badly she was put into foster care and the system. Still only knowing abuse until she’s sent to live with her nan in Coral Pines. There she experiences love and a home or as close to that as her abused and f**ked up mind will allow. Hating (rightly so) any human contact she doesn’t shy away so much as avoids most or all human contact. That is until she meets Jake. Both holding on to their secrets it takes awhile to start to trust each other. Jake is a bad man and has done unspeakable things, Abby is in need of a man that does unspeakable things and both together draw from each other’s dark and light. 

Until Jake goes away on a job after a night of trust and love….

Abby once again finds herself in a situation of abuse and degradation at the hands of her ‘friend’ Owen. She vows to get her revenge and will trust in Jake to help her. Until he doesn’t and they part on secrets and distrust.

Four years later, Abby has her little girl Georgia. (a result from which she believes that came from the horror 4 years earlier) She came to lean on Jakes father Frank until he died. At the funeral Jake comes back into their lives. Finding love again and having a family that matters. Jake is a brilliant father and upon seeing Georgia knows she is his daughter. 

Jake at the request of Abby takes the revenge he and Abby needs on the one person that caused them to separate and the one that caused Abby’s suffering. 

Jake is such an alpha male. I have to admit I’m not into blondes but I could totally start if they all sound like Jake. It’s really weird, I find myself often thinking when I read characters such as Jake, that if this were real life, yes I’d find them attractive but would I be horrified to know exactly what he does? I think I’ve read so many of these alpha characters that if I encountered them in real life, I don’t think I’d be shocked. Now how f**ked up is that?? Ha!

Abby for me was such a strong and resilient character, even if she didn’t believe it of herself most of the time. It took Jake for her to see that about herself. I loved how she carried on, no matter what, she oozed bravery. Women and me in abuse situations to me are so brave and courageous and I find myself in awe. I love how this author is not afraid to touch on hard hitting subjects like these. 

The author has done justice to the story and I loved this.

Going onto Dark Needs, as this coincides with the first book and kind of wraps up this particular part of the King series…..

So Dark Needs is after everything has happened, Abby and Jake are married, they have their little family together and are settled. Until the cops turn up and arrest Jake for the murder of Owen. 

Luckily help is on their side and Jake and Abby are once again reunited. Even though Abby hasn’t recovered from the mental scars that were left she tries to move on. Jake realising she needs an outlet, helps her the only way he knows how. 

This sequel was a great way of rounding up Jakes side of the story. Yes there were Abby’s bits added but mostly it was Jakes way of describing their love and life. I loved how it made the story complete. 

This is a novella so it wasn’t long, I think the read time was about an hour and half. It just added closure to their story. Yes o suppose it could of been wrapped up in the first book, however it made it more by having this novella. 

I love all of TM Fraziers books, she’s such a gritty and raw writer and it’s hard not to fall in love. 

Well worth a read.

Happy Reading 🙂



I love books. Books soothe me. Books are my escape from the day-to-day mundane. I'm very rarely without a book and my tbr pile is ever growing. I'm a single mother of twin boys and I live in Lincolnshire.

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