Whatever it takes – Lindsey Pogue

3.5 stars ***

When I hear or see the words ‘Don’t judge a book by a cover’ I know this should apply to me, because I absolutely do judge a book cover. That’s not to say that I still don’t buy the book but if it’s got a nasty taste of cheese then I am sort of put off by it. 

I found this book in an email and I was struck by the way it reminded me of the 90’s, of those days when it was acceptable to bugger off down the lane, lay in a field and watch the clouds. I suppose you could do it now, but the 90’s seemed to be the era to do that kind of stuff. 

In fact the whole book to me had the 90’s feel even though it was quite modern. 

Sam’s relationships have all ended badly one way or another. At first it was the love of her life Reilly, who after suffering abuse from his father at home, decides to leave to join the army. Then it’s her father, who after picking her up, end ups up crashing the car and is killed. 

4 years later and Sam is still struggling to come to terms with it all and to make matters worse she is trying to make a horse ranch work with her stepmother who blames her for her fathers death. It is whilst she is struggling that Reilly re-enters her life, stirring up all different kinds of emotions. Not least of all guilt, that she didn’t wait for Reilly. 

Reilly has come back home to take care of his house that his father left him upon his death. He really doesn’t want to be back, it stirs many a bad memory up and thinks of he can do it up and sell it on quickly he can be out of there. However things don’t go to plan and old feelings are sparked up again.

I have to admit that whilst the story had promise, I didn’t love it. I know it was supposed to draw the reader to the angst and tension but it was an overdose and I kept waiting for it to end. It was too much for me and it killed it. 

I would probably read more from this author but for me it would be a way to pass the time not one that I’d think ooh, there’s this book I want to read. 

Happy Reading 🙂



I love books. Books soothe me. Books are my escape from the day-to-day mundane. I'm very rarely without a book and my tbr pile is ever growing. I'm a single mother of twin boys and I live in Lincolnshire.

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