Winters Day – DM Wolfenden

Winters Day isn’t my usual kind of book and I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. But it really did pleasantly surprise me and I love it when I’m surprised. 

It took a little while for me to get into it, it is a slow burner. It also took me a while to take to the main character Jolie. I don’t really know what it was about her at the beginning that made me feel this way only that I thought she was a bit of a sap. I’m used to reading strong, independent women who kick ass but Jolie didn’t fall in that category for me at first. However as the story progressed, I realised that I was wrong, she is so strong. 

Jolie has had such a shitty hand dealt from being a young girl until the present day that it’s easy to understand why she’s not so forward and outgoing. Her stepfather beat and killed her mother before he decided to turn on her, she watched her uncle Mike kill her stepfather before he could hurt her and then had to watch whilst her uncle went to prison for it. After moving on from that she falls for Dave, they move in together only for him to be manipulative, abusive and controlling and to top it off a serial cheat. Realising she deserves better she dumps his sorry arse and tries to move on. 

But it’s hard to do that when she keeps “seeing” him everywhere. It all comes to a head when tragedy strikes a family member. She sees Dave in the hospital and gullibly takes him back believing he’s changed and things will be different. But a leopard can’t change its spots and Jolie finds out in the worst way. Luckily she has an amazing support team.

I really felt for Jolie and the struggles she has had to face throughout her life but I also enjoyed her camaraderie she shared with her family and friends. The author has really written a down to earth and compatible story for me. I could feel the characters emotions, her happiness and her sadness like they were my own feelings. I wasn’t expecting that.

I would definitely read more by this author. I really enjoyed it. 

Happy Reading 🙂

**Winters Day releases on 5th January**



I love books. Books soothe me. Books are my escape from the day-to-day mundane. I'm very rarely without a book and my tbr pile is ever growing. I'm a single mother of twin boys and I live in Lincolnshire.

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