To Trust a Wolf – Danielle Hardgrave

To Trust a Wolf (Unnatural Alliances #1)To Trust a Wolf by Danielle Hardgrave

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of all my thanks go to Caldwell Publishing for recommending this series to me. I haven’t read a lot of PNR of late and so was pleased to pick it up.

Secondly, what a great first book in the series. I do like PNR, in fact I love it, but as far as shifter books go I’m more of a vampire girl. However I do love the wolf. Going in with some trepidation, (I’m always this way with new series) it is a slow build-up, you’ve got the down in a funk archivist of a museum taking each boring day after boring day. Her boss is the kind that doesn’t really care unless it affects him, so he has no problem shifting the jobs onto her. (See what I did there?)
As she’s given the task of leading the strange but enigmatic Rune Helsen around the museum to inspect the Viking display they going on, she can’t help but feel turned on but suspicious about his intentions.

Now trying not to give spoilers away, things mysteriously happen that deepen that suspicion. She can’t help thinking there’s more than meets the eye with Rune. Annnnnd, she’d be right, BUT, I’m not going to divulge either, so you’re really going to have to read it yourself.

As I said, I did read with trepidation and for a portion of the story I really wanted more to happen, however, about a quarter of the way in I was hooked and I now find myself desperately seeking Amazon for the next installment. It’s a case of I NEED to know what happens next.

Definitely an author to watch!

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