Ah, so here’s the about page.

Hmmm, *finger on lips* what to tell you about me.

O.k, let’s start with my name, that’s easy, its Louise. I’m a mother of twin boys. I ¬†have 2 cats who were both strays, both female called Penny (or Pennifer, Pennypoo or just plain Pen) and Frank. (or Frankenfurter, Frankie or Frankle) If you’re dying to know why Frank is named so, its because I thought he were a bloke. My bad. She’s used to it now so there’s no point changing it. I’m a dog person really. Or elephants, but you can’t have them as pets. Obviously.

I have no other usefull or great stories to tell you about me. *sad face* But if I have intrigued you, follow my blog, if you want, or don’t, whatever.