Release Blitz: SoulDeath by J. Thompson


Release Blitz

Title: SoulDeath

Author: J. Thompson

Publication Date: 13 October 2017

Genre: Paranormal Romance



Even Death craves love.
All of her life, Andromeda has felt like she was outside looking in. With only a few friends and a mother
who is a sandwich short of a picnic, she feels she can do little else but bury herself in her work.
At 24, Andromeda is the youngest Master Silversmith in the country, commissioned on a daily basis to
create bespoke pieces that speak of love and beauty. On the outside, her life seems perfect, but at night,
Andromeda feels the stab of loneliness, feels the bite of having no one to share her hopes and dreams, no one to hold her and be that shoulder to cry on.

Dreams of different lives fill the void until a commission brings with it a tall, dark stranger with eyes like
the midnight sky. He enters her life and pierces her soul, bringing with it a hunger that scares her but also
excites her.

Hades, lord and god of the underworld, has watched over the realm of Elyssia since the great battle. He
has spent his long, lonely existence watching over the souls that enter his realm. A summons from the
goddess of love forces him back into the world of the living, making him see how much of life he is really missing, and uncovers a secret he has been hiding for over 500 years.

Cashing in on a favour owed to him by love, can the dark prince of Olympus find his happy ever after, or will fate see to it that gods can’t have love like the mortals can?

Warning: Forget what you know about the Greek myths and legends, forget what you’ve read in the
history books, for the gods make the rules and it’s up to the mortals to defy them.


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Author Bio

J. Thompson is a indie writer of fantasy fiction and paranormal romance, and a major fan of procrastination. Jenn has always loved history, so using her wild imagination and tying in her love of history and fantasy, she began a new adventure into the world of words. Weaving romance into old worlds and giving life to her mythical inspired novels is what Jenn does best, and she has a lot more planned in the future, including some hard-assed demons.
When she isn’t bent over her laptop with crazy writer eyes, you will find Jenn making jewellery, cross stitching, and doing paper crafts. Jenn is also a fitness lover and enjoys working out with her husband, either at the gym or at Caveman Training.
J Thompson is a passionate, if a little nuts, author who believes wholeheartedly that people are good and that everyone deserves romance – even Hades.

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Review: I know what you’re doing: Part One – She Loves To Watch Me Play by Zane Michaelson

Fantastic start to this series. I haven’t really read many M/M romantic erotica, so I can’t really compare to be fair, however this was really well written and a hell of a lot hot.

Zane is married to the love of his life but recently felt their relationship lacked something. By chance he happens across his college friend and one time lover and decides to meet for a beer. Suffice it to say, things get hot really quickly. What is not planned is the wife finding out and getting off on it. It’s quite the triangle really.

It’s a very short story, I think I read it in an hour but it’s really well written, the characters are engaging and the storyline is easy to follow. There’s tension and attitude, chemistry and sexiness. It does end quite abruptly but the author has left it so there’s more to come. (No pun intended)

I think some or all of it has true to life elements, so the character is Zane and the author is Zane. For a debut author, this is quite a risk, however the author can bloody write romantic erotica really well and I find myself needing the next instalment and I’m intrigued as to where he takes it next.

Look forward to more.


Scandalous, the highly anticipated next standalone in the Sinners of Saint Series by LJ Shen is available NOW!


Scandalous by LJ Shen

Publishing Date: September 29th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

They call him The Mute for a reason.

Hard, cold and calculated, he rarely speaks.

When he does, it’s with disdain.

When he does, his words aren’t meant for me.

When he does, my stomach flips and my world tilts on its axis.

He is thirty-three.

I am eighteen.

He’s a single dad and my father’s business partner.

I’m just a kid to him and his enemy’s daughter.

He’s emotionally unavailable.

And I am…feeling. Feeling things I shouldn’t feel for him.

Trent Rexroth is going to break my heart. The writing isn’t just on the wall, it’s inked on my soul.

And yet, I can’t stay away.

A scandal is the last thing my family needs. But a scandal is what we’re going to give them.

And oh, what a beautiful chaos it will be.


Trent’s gaze cut to mine and stopped when his grays met my blues. The fading noise of Vicious barking at people to move along, and my father finally letting go of my arm to move toward Jaime and Dean—probably trying to gain both allies and sympathy—died down.

“I don’t like you,” Rexroth whispered under his breath, his voice harsh.

“I never asked you to.” I shrugged.

“You won’t be working here.” His arm brushed my shoulder, but I didn’t think it was by accident. I let loose a sugary smile, scanning his face and torso for no other reason other than to taunt him. “Good, you’ll be doing me a favor. My father is the one forcing me to work here. He’s pissed I turned down five Ivy League colleges. Remind me, Mr. Rexroth—which top tier university did you attend for your degree?”

The low blow was supposed to retrieve some of my lost dignity, but bile burned my throat, shotgunned from my stomach. Trent Rexroth was known in Todos Santos as an exhilarating success story, rising from the gutters of San Diego. He went to a shitty state college that accepted even the illiterate, working as a janitor on campus after hours. Those were given facts he’d recited himself in an interview for Forbes.

Had I really just tried to make him feel less worthy because he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth? It made me sicker than wearing my mother’s designer garbs.

Trent smiled, leaning into my body, into my soul. His smirk was more frightening than any scowl, frown, or grimace I’d ever seen. It threatened to tear me apart and sew me back together however he pleased.

“Edie.” His lips were dangerously close to my ear. A delicious shiver moved down my spine. Something warm rolled inside of me, begging to unknot and flower into an orgasm. What was happening, and why the hell was it happening? “If you know what’s best for you, you will turn around and leave right now.”

I elevated my head to meet his gaze and showed him my version of a grin. I was born and raised in a world of intimidating rich men, and I’d be damned if I go down like my mother—addicted to xanax, Gucci, and a man who paraded her on his arm for a short, glorious decade before keeping her solely for public appearances.

“I think I’m going to go find my desk now. I’d wish you a good day, Mr. Rexroth, but I think that ship has sailed. You’re a miserable man. Oh, and one for the road.” I fished for a Nature Valley bar in my mother’s purse and plastered it to his hard, muscled chest. My heart slammed into my neck, fluttering like a caged bird.

I hurried after my father as he glided down the vast, golden-hued hallway, not daring to look back. Knowing I’d started a war and arrived unequipped. But I also knew something else that gave me a surfer’s rush—if I could slam the final nail in my employment coffin and make Rexroth vote against me, I’d be off the hook.

I had just the plan for it. All I had to do was act like a brat. Game on.


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About LJ Shen:

L.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.

Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets peoples’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.


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Review: Hell Hath No Fury by Annabelle Anderson

Historical/regency romance isn’t usually a genre I’d even think of selecting, I don’t really understand why other than the fact that I prefer my history factual. I usually find HR to be a bore, not that engaging and I usually DNF a book. You’ll notice I used the word usually, because that’s usually true, however I find myself absolutely LOVING this book. It really surprised me and I found myself genuinely engaged in it. I wasn’t expecting to have this reaction at all. Hell Hath No Fury is funny, witty, interesting, sexy, sweet and spicy all rolled into one.

HHNF is literally about a woman scorned. Cecily married Flavion, an Earl, higher than her station, and whilst Cecily was duped into thinking she’d married for love, it soon becomes evident that once they’re wed, he married her for her fathers dowry. As soon as they’ve consummated their marriage, Flavion basically ignores her, spends her money and parades his mistress around for ALL to see. Feeling absolutely broken, she plots revenge. She wants a divorce and will stop at nothing to get it, including pretending to have an affair with Flavion‘s cousin, Stephen. Needless to say, things don’t go as planned, least of all when feelings become involved.

I truly wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did, and it really shocked me, you know it’s a 5 star and really great read when that happens. The characters are great, witty and sexy. The story is the same. The author has really opened up my eyes to this genre. It’s something that I won’t be so quick to dismiss in the future.

Review: Enchanted: Magic Spark by Sara Dobie Bauer, Em Shotwell and Wendy Sparrow

My thanks go to Pen and Kink Publishing for the ARC of this anthology.

Every time I hear of another anthology from P&K publishing, I get super excited because I know that even if I dislike one story from the anthology, I know there will be plenty more that will whet my appetite. These anthologies hold superb stories that should have the recognition. The stories I’ve read so far in each anthology are always quite steamy however Enchanted is quite vanilla. It still has that wow factor but with much less heat.

However, it holds a genre that I absolutely love and that’s paranormal. I adore it, it makes me happy. So this combination, although tame, made me very excited indeed and boy I was not disappointed.

The first thing that struck me with each story is that they’re all quite quirky, reminiscent of indie music in the fact that they have their own feel and individuality. They’re like hidden gems just waiting to be found. I loved that it made me feel like this. I didn’t love all of them but they certainly kept me entertained.

One of the books however, ended on a cliffhanger and I was so mad – because I had gotten so engrossed in it – that I nearly threw my kindle across the room. Then I went to see if I could purchase the whole book, only to find that it’s not even out yet, well you can imagine how bereft I was. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for it in the future.

Overall though, I absolutely loved it, again. Time and time again I’m shocked by how easily I fall into them. Cannot wait for more.

Review: Grand Slam by Tracie Delaney


The end of an era – an end of some significant period of time or thing.

This exactly sums up my feelings towards the entire Winning Ace series, it’s the end of an era and my beloved Cash Gallagher.

Although I know that his story has been told – and his bird, Tally – I’m feeling really bereft. These characters have such a place in my heart that it’s hard to think about this being the final book. However, WHAT a final book indeed! Its going to be a total cliche but I personally believe that the author has literally saved the best for last. Its cram-packed with tension, heartache, love, laughter, wit and sexiness. It’s one of those books that you know will be reread, time and time again.

Grand Slam also sees more of Cash’s vulnerable side. If you’ve read Ms Delaney’s previous books in the series , you’ll know that vulnerable and Cash shouldn’t go together, but they do, and so much more now when, not only is he trying to rebuild and recover his career, but he needs to win the love of his life back.

There are decisions and make or break moments coupled with heartbreaking moments that really make you want to sob your heart out, shout at your kindle and leave you thinking that it’s all real. I love it because its believable and you feel like you’re watching all the carnage and drama unfold, all that’s needed is some popcorn and you’re head avidly moving side to side, ooh pretty much like being at a tennis match.  Apt. And had I known this was going to be tumultuous I’d have done just that.

This author brings out her characters perfections and flaws so vividly that you can’t help but be swept up by them, she really peels the layers so that you feel for them and their story. Her writing style is current and fresh and adult. That sounds silly but the right story has to have the right style and this so does. These characters have clawed their way back from heartache although you’ll have to read for yourself if it reaches a happily ever after.

I’m sad to be leaving these characters behind but I cannot wait to see what this author does next and where she takes us. Although I have heard there will be a spin-off so keep those peelers out.

Would I recommend this series? Abso-fricking-lutely!!

My thanks go to the author for the ARC of this book.


Review: Scandalous by LJ Shen

What a book! It was perhaps nearly as good as Vicious – I say that because Vicious will forever remain my first and only love in this series – however Trent Rexroth would be very much a close second, and by close I mean nearly bumping uglies.

Reading the previous books, I had no idea where the author was going to take Trent’s story because sometimes series can become samey. Luckily for us avid readers and fans Shen has proved that she can write and write really bloody well and that her stories aren’t going to have that ‘been there, done that’ vibe. She takes these characters and gives them this edge. I mean we’ve all read about arsehole men, we love them, however for me Shen takes these immoral bastards and makes them worse than immoral so there shouldn’t be these redeemable qualities to them and there shouldn’t be this magnetism towards them but like a moth to a big fat flame, we just can’t bloody help ourselves.

Trent is a complex guy, they call him The Mute, he doesn’t talk much but he listens and is aware. When he meets a complication in the form of his business partners 18 year old daughter, he knows that he shouldn’t engage her, but life doesn’t always happen the way you think its going to. I can’t elaborate, actually I don’t want to either, this book and these characters need you to read them. Edie’s character was spunky and bright, until you cracked beneath the story where in fact she’s living this half life. I loved how complex and dynamic each and every character is.

This storyline is awesome in the fact that it is somewhat taboo. It makes you pop your head up and go ‘what?’ I love how Shen can do that. From the first page of Vicious’s story to the last page in Trent’s story, I’ve been entertained and I truly cannot wait to see where Shen takes it next.